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Yes, SwitchBike.co.za offers a variety of spare parts and accessories directly from their website. The high quality Switch design enables all reputable bicycle shops in your area to easily maintain and repair your Switch E Bike. Feel free to get in touch for any specific requirements or requests.

To ensure no waiting time for our customers, orders are collected from our warehouse daily. Delivery times vary and depend on our trusted third party courier services.

Yes, customers are supplied with a tracking number once their order has been processed and shipped.  

Yes, each Switch E Bike comes with a detailed assembly instructions manual. The Switch On has been designed to be very user friendly and easy to use. We highly recommend you take the whole box to one of our approved Bicycle Shops around South Africa and they will gladly do the assembly and maintenance for you.  

Yes, the Switch E Bike is totally foldable at the frame as well as the handle bars that fold down making it compact and easy to load into vehicles. To put into perspective, we can easily load two E Bikes in the back of an SUV without folded back seats.

Yes, we currently have an amazing offer for a free signup to our resellers program, contact us now to find out how you can be a part of the future.

Yes, Switch E Bikes are rain and splash-proof allowing you to ride in wet weather. Electrical components should not be submerged in water. 

Yes, When washing your bike, use soap and water. When rinsing with water, use nothing stronger than a normal low pressure garden hose. Be sure to avoid spraying directly into motor as well as any pivot and connection points or areas where bearings are housed. This includes headset, bottom bracket and hubs. Never use a high pressure water hose under any circumstances.

Yes, to prevent corrosion dry the SWITCH E BIKE and it’s components after every wet ride. Store bike and battery in a dry location.

Yes, the Switch On E Bike comes with two keys which is used to lock the battery in place as well as to allow the controller to be switched on.

Yes, the Switch On eBike can easily take you up a hill and allows for access to all types of terrain.

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