Get money back, with SwitchBack!

SwitchBack is a brand new, first of it’s kind rewards program that pays Switch bike owners cash back on every successful referral.  

How it works:

1. Scan QR code

Your friends lay their eyes on your beautiful Switch On e-bike and decide to scan your QR code to visit the website.

2. Successful sale

They end up buying a Switch bike, any time within 30 days of scanning your QR code.

3. Get Paid

Get paid 10% of the total order value which will be a minimum of R4 950.00. Paid directly into your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can log into your referral’s dashboard to track all of your click, visits, sales, commissions and payouts. The SwitchBack Affiliate Program makes use of cookies to track affiliate links and sales.

You may share your unique affiliate link with friends and family but unethical advertisement, spamming and paid ads are considered a violation of our agreement. Please refer to the SwitchBack Affiliates Agreement to avoid account suspension.

As a SwitchBack affiliate member, you will receive a unique affiliate link which is the same link as your QR code sticker. The use of cookies make it possible to determine if a sale was made from a device that clicked your unique affiliate link.

Send us a mail at and we will send you new stickers free of charge.

No, existing customers are free to sign up for the program, QR stickers will be supplied.

Once the referral sale has been successful, your commission will be allocated immediately. However, payouts only occur monthly, once 30 day grace period has lapsed.

a 30 day grace period has been set to prevent affiliates from gaining commission on refunded items as stated in the SwitchBack Affiliates Agreement.

The SwitchBack Affiliate Program uses cookies to determine if a device has entered through an affiliate link or not. If a customer clicks on your link/scans your QR but then clears their cookie and browser history before placing order, the affiliate will NOT receive the commission. 

No, the QR code is simply an easier way to share a unique URL link. The link to the website that is displayed when scanning the QR code needs to be clicked and fully loaded before the cookie is activated.

Cookies last for 30 days. If a customer clicks on your affiliate link, they can place an order any time within 30 days and you will still earn the commission. 

No, if the QR code has been scanned / affiliate link clicked, the cookie stays on that mobile device, meaning they can visit the website at any time within 30 days, even from a new browser tab, as long as it is the same device.

It is free to join the SwitchBack program, although the SwitchBack program is exclusive to Switch e-bike owners/customers only.

Please ensure you are logged in to the account that you used to purchase your Switch bike before attempting to apply for SwitchBack affiliates.

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